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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. The stereotype claims that you have to be in a relationship to celebrate the 14th, but we are here to tell you otherwise. If you’re flying solo at this point in your life, there is always room to express love for good friends and family!

Expressing the way you feel is healthy and we are all about health! Most often, a handcrafted gift is ten times more special than a store-bought one. Here are five wonderful DIY (do it yourself) gifts for the special people in your life. Share the love! Happy browsing!

1. Valentine’s Day Plant- - If you have kids, this is the perfect gift to give to a teacher. This adorable Valentine’s creation is also great for a friend who enjoys gardening or plants!


2. Heart Shaped Heating Pads- -A heart-shaped heating pad is a wonderful gift to comfort the aches and pains of a close friend. Warm their heart with this cute Valentine’s Day goodie!


3. Heart Stamped T-Shirt- - A comfortable T-shirt is always nice to have. A shirt covered in hearts is fitting for your pal who likes to wear their heart on their sleeve (pun intended).image

4. Heart Shaped Pillow- - Pillows add a nice touch to any room or bedroom. Surprise one of your friends with a handmade, heart-shaped pillow. They won’t be able to look at it without thinking of you. image

5.Geode Ring - - Sure, jewelry might be a typical gift to give on Valentine’s Day, but have a little more fun and make a piece of jewelry for your one of your friends. What better way to surprise the jewelry fanatic in your life?image

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