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A Tea for Each Season

A warm cup of tea is always soothing. With so many varieties available, many of us crave different types of tea on a regular basis. It’s common for us to brew a kettle of black tea in the morning and then red tea in the evening. Did you know that East Asian medicine suggests that people drink certain teas for each season of the year? Generally, scented tea is recommended in the springtime, green tea in the summer, Oolong tea in autumn, and black tea in winter. Here’s a closer look at the best teas for each season:

  •  Spring~ Scented tea is ideal as it wards of the pathogenic cold stored up in the human body during winter. Scented teas are also known as flower teas.

  • Summer~ Green tea is a great choice for the hot days of summer. Known for its properties of bitterness and cold, this tea can help remove heat and toxic substances. It can also quench thirst and strengthen the heart.

  • Autumn~ During this season, it is recommended to drink Oolong tea. This particular type of tea is neither too hot nor too cold and can help dispel extra heat within the body. Oolong tea can also increase salivation.

  • Winter~ Black tea is perfect for the winter chill. With its temperateness and sweet taste, it aids in digestion and also helps to strengthen our bodies.  

Now that you know your teas, make sure to fill up your cup for the respective season. We know that we will! Enjoy!

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