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An Honorable Healer

Our very own faculty member, Christine Cronin, DAOM, LAc has been admirably appling her skills as a practitioner of East Asian medicine to the San Diego military community. Before choosing her path to become a holistic healer, Christine served in the Marine Corps. Her military service is the sole reason behind her decision to treat those on active duty, veterans, and their families with acupuncture at American Legion Post 731.

Every Wednesday from 5:30-9:30 pm, those who have served and currently serve are given the opportunity to receive acupuncture treatments to alleviate any pain, anxiety, stress, and sleep conditions they may be dealing with. Did we mention that these treatments are performed at absolutely no cost whatsoever?

In speaking about her work, Christine explained, “This clinic is personal to me. I have family members who are combat veterans and I served in between Gulf conflicts, so I know people who are combat veterans from both time periods. Servicemembers and their families are some of the toughest people you will ever meet,” said Christine.

“Regardless of the circumstances, servicemembers, their families and those around them support each other.  For this reason, they feel they need to go to great lengths to get the care they need. Having seen the lengths servicemembers and their families go to protect each other, we can do better by them by providing this clinic.”

Thank you, Christine for serving our country and for using your knowledge of East Asian medicine to heal others.

Below are photos of Christine addressing members of the American Legion Post where our veteran’s offsite clinic is housed:



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