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Sharing is Caring: The Four Pillars of Acupuncture

Practitioners of East Asian medicine go through years of intense training to ensure that you are receiving safe and effective treatments. Although a licensed acupuncturist can perform an accurate diagnosis, no one knows your body better than you. It is this innate knowing and intuition that can provide practitioners with the information they need to make the most of your treatments.

From an acupuncturist’s perspective, there are four pillars of health that they would like you to inform them about:


Knowing whether or not you are properly nourishing your body is important to your acupuncturist. A poor diet can make the process of healing take much longer than it should. Informing your acupuncturist of your eating habits will make your road to healing smoother.

When it comes to food keep these questions in mind: How often do you eat? What do you eat? Do you have cravings? All of these questions will make your road to healing smoother and will also help out your practitioner.


In our fast paced society, it’s hard to get adequate sleep. So many of us have adapted to running on as little as 4 hours of rest that we don’t stop to think that we may have issues with sleep. Sleep is a huge factor in the realm of health and if you aren’t getting enough (or having trouble falling asleep) it is best to tell your acupuncturist.

When it comes to sleep keep these questions in mind: Do you fall asleep easily? Do you stay asleep? Do you dream regularly? Do you wake up feeling rested?


It’s natural to feel reluctant to talk about your bowel movements, but they are an indicator of how your overall system is functioning. This is the sole reason that acupuncturists will ask you questions about them. It’s ok to feel embarrassed, but know that your acupuncturist is there to help you!

When it comes to poop keep these questions in mind: How often do you have a bowel movement? At what time of the day does it occur? Is there a strong odor? Are they loose, hard, soft, etc.? Is there pus, blood, or food in your stool?


Energy plays an important role in the health of our bodies and minds. It’s smart to be aware of your energy level and heed the amount or lack that you may have.

When it comes to energy keep these questions in mind: Are you a high, medium, or low-level energy person? Does your energy decrease throughout the day? Is there a difference in your physical and emotional energy?

Informing your acupuncturist will lead to a more accurate diagnosis and a quicker path to healing! We look forward to seeing you in our clinic!

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