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East Meets West at PCOM: Our San Diego Campus Hosts Visiting Scholars from China and Japan!

PCOM continues to deepen relationships with various institutions in Asia.  On March 14th, PCOM had the honor of hosting visiting scholars from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS). Located in Beijing, China, CACMS is a national comprehensive institution for scientific research, clinical medicine and medical education on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). As the largest research organization on TCM throughout the country, the academy has 13 institutes, six hospitals (which integrate Eastern and Western medicine), the Graduate School, the Publishing House of Ancient Chinese Medical Books and the Journal of TCM, as well as three World Health Organization (WHO) centers.

During their visit, CACMS directors Wei Cao, Dongli Gu, Liang Li, Xiaobei Ma, and Hui Zhao, were gracious enough to speak with us about the academy and its TCM research. By the end of 2005, the academy had taken on a total of 450 research projects. Today, 1,000 research projects are underway, covering a broad range of subjects from oncology to HIV/AIDS. Along with their extensive medical research projects, CACMS is working on another task: digitizing rare, precious Chinese texts. The goal of the project is to allow valuable TCM information to be searchable and sharable for all.

Each year at the academy, around 130 master’s students and 50 doctorates go on to graduate and continue the practice of East Asian medicine. The CACMS and its students ensure that the practice of TCM will remain intact for many years to come.

Visiting scholars with PCOM SD staff:


During the month of March, PCOM also welcomed returning visitors from Morinmoya University in Osaka, Japan. Here for a week’s duration, the group consisted of seven students and two administrators. The main objective of their visit was to deepen their relationship with PCOM and to learn and explore more about East Asian medicine orthopedics and facial rejuvenation. All seven students had the chance to attend lectures and demonstrations with Dr. East Haradin, LAc on facial rejuvenation and Ian Armstrong, LAc on orthopedics. The students participated in clinical case rounds in various locations including Old Town Acupuncture , Cinnabar Acupuncture, and RIMAC. They were also given the opportunity to carry out clinic case rounds with PCOM San Diego Clinic Director, Greg Lane, where each student received acupuncture treatments.

Take a look at the “Thank You” card we received from the students after their visit!



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