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Bright Ideas for Ambient Lighting: Lighting Ideas for Massage Practice Rooms


When patients come in to receive a massage they expect a tranquil and relaxing experience. The lighting in a massage therapy room should reflect a peaceful and inviting environment. Proper lighting has the power to put anyone at ease. Lighting can also complement other elements of the room such as colors, patterns, and throw pillows.

Check out these lighting ideas to ensure enjoyable treatments for your patients:

Wall Lighting

Ceiling lights can often be invasive and direct. Mount lights high on the walls of your treatment room for a calmer effect. A number of different styles of wall sconces are available, but colored or frosted glass will promote an ideal atmosphere. Hanging lanterns are also a great alternative.


Candles are  a simple and effective way to produce ambient lighting in a room. Place candles on a tray or in a candleholder filled with glass beads or colored sand for an extra touch. Scented candles can provide soothing aspects to massage treatments as well.


If there are windows in your massage treatment room, make sure that they are fully covered to prevent sunlight from shining through. A darker, subtler room is ideal for a massage session. Maintain the atmosphere with heavy wooden slat blinds covered with curtains that complement the room’s décor.

*Fun Lighting Idea*:

An out of the ordinary source of soothing light is a fish tank. The tank can provide subdued light and cast indistinct shadows against the walls of the massage room. The fish tank also has the added benefit of giving the client a relaxing, ever-changing scene to observe.

Don’t forget that these tips can also be applied to homes as well!

If you are ready for a massage in a peaceful setting, then make sure to schedule an appointment with one of our clinics—guaranteed relaxation!


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